Below are specific notifications regarding Porch Box, LLC's Terms of service and other notifications.  Somewhere there is a lawyer that thinks all this is necessary.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is pretty simple:  Porch Box, LLC won't use your personal information for anything other than your transaction with Porch Box, LLC.  

Financial transactions on the website are completed through Squarespace's secure transaction system, which they call "Stripe."  Porch Box, LLC never receives any credit card information from a transaction, so you can feel confident your credit card information is secure when ordering on-line.    

If that still doesn't feel great, then send Eric an e-mail at and I would be happy to supply a street address if you prefer to mail a check for your purchase.   

Returns Policy

The return policy is fairly simple:  If you want to return your box within the first 90 days after shipment, send it back to us.  We will gladly refund your purchase price, less our shipping and packaging costs.  Custom scripted, or custom painted boxes are not returnable.    

Terms of Service:

All Products sold by Porch Box, LLC are designed to be functional, durable and beautiful.  As they are hand-built in the USA to each customer order with wood and wood-products, some variations in form, fit and finish are normal.  

Porch Box, LLC is constantly working to improve the quality of the Products, therefore variations in materials and workmanship may be implemented at any time.  Changes in materials or workmanship will not alter the fundamental performance of the Product.

By purchasing Porch Box, LLC's Products, Customer understands and agrees that Products sold by Porch Box, LLC are a deterrent, but are not a guarantee, against theft or damage of the contents of the box.  Customer indemnifies and forever holds Porch Box, LLC harmless against any and all loss and/or damages to the box and/or the contents whether such loss or damage is direct, indirect and/or consequential from the use of Porch Box, LLC Products.  

Unless specifically called out on the invoice and collected by Porch Box, LLC, all sales, use, state and local taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. 

Use of Trademarks:

Porch Box is a registered trademark and used by permission from the owner.