Owner's Manual



Thank you for your purchase!  Your new Porch Box is fully assembled and ready to get to work today.   To keep everything running to plan, here are a couple of notes. 

  • Placement: Boxes should be placed on a solid surface under a porch roof, awning or eave so that precipitation does not directly fall, or rest, on the lid of the box.  Boxes that are directly exposed to precipitation on the lid may age prematurely.
  • Construction:  Your Porch Box was built by hand in Colorado, USA out of wood and wood products.  As with any natural product built by hand, some variations in texture, fit and finish are normal. 
  • Shipping Braces: Porch Boxes and Parcel Boxes are shipped with one or more braces inside the box. Shipping brace(s) can be removed by tapping the brace in the direction indicated by the arrows, then immediately discarded.  Be careful!  once removed, the brace will have exposed, sharp nail points.

Painted Boxes:

  • Cleaning:  Exteriors can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water.  Interiors can be wiped down with a wet cloth or rag and the lid left open to dry the interior.  Floor joints have small gaps to allow interior moisture to escape. 
  • Sticky Lids: If you notice a painted box lid becoming sticky, a light coat of cooking, or other clear oil, on top of the front posts will help prevent sticking.  Sticky lids resolve themselves over time as the paint hardens. 
  • Paint Touch Up: A touch-up bottle of paint is included for those little dings that happen along the way.  If you should need a larger amount of paint, purchase an Exterior Grade, Semi-Gloss, Pure White Base paint with no tint.   The color match may not be exactly perfect, but it should be very close. 
  • Scripting: Although we use a UV resistant paint for scripting, if your box is directly exposed to the elements the scripting will fade over time.  A permanent black marker works well for a quick fix.  For a longer-term solution, look for a “paint pen” from the local hardware or office supply store. 

Unpainted Boxes:

  • While it is not absolutely necessary to paint your new box, paint will greatly extend the life of the box.  Prior to painting, wipe off any dirt or dust with a dry cloth so the paint really sticks.  Also, the end-grain of the posts tend to absorb moisture, so paint the top and bottom edges of the posts and the siding to maximize the weather protection.  We do seal the bottom of the posts at the shop, but paint will add even more protection.   

Delivery Notification Placard:  (Porch Box and Parcel Box only):  The delivery placard is printed with extra space on top of the card to attach fasteners of your choice.  A piece of clear Velcro is a great way to adhere the placard and still be able to remove/flip it over.  The blue side of the placard has two tiny dots which are placed at the exact location to punch or drill holes so the placard can be held by a string for looping over a doorknob or doorbell.  If you ever misplace or damage the placard, replacements are available on the website.            

If you love your Porch Box, please tell your friends and neighbors!  As a small business, we love referrals.